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catA charming story of how a little cat who finds a family, yet knows they are not committed to keeping her. She must communicate in a surprising way in order to express her love. This miracle earns her a permanent place in the family.

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angelsThe many imaginative roles of multicultural angels depict a joyful life in their heavenly setting. This story could also be used in Sunday school classes or as a bereavement book for young children who have suffered the loss of a loved one.

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deerCharlie is a little boy with a big imagination who discovers forest animals doing crazy things. Ants with holey underpants dancing with a hawk? A skunk playing a flute? A deer with sneakers? Yes and so much more! Read to the end for a huge surprise!

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New from Guardian Angel Publishing

book 8

Have you ever wondered what’s inside a snail’s shell? Find out what it might be with this jaunty story in rhyme. See what’s really inside with educational pages, too.

book 10

A belief in Christianity later in life is easier to come by when a fundamental trust in God and creation is established during the early years of childhood. This book promotes that trust by reminding us that God’s creative powers are behind all that we do and see.

book 11

Awesome Aussie critters bring facts and fun into these three rhyming stories. The Tasmanian Devil dances, the Rainbow Birds rule, and the Frillneck Lizard plays himself—he lounges. Educational, too, with fun new vocabulary words on every page.

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book 9

The eyes and nose are neighbors.  So what better way to learn about both than through two short anatomical rhymes in the same book.  Part I covers the eye and Part II is all about the nose.  Whichever one you pick, you’ll know them both in no time.

book 1

Xavier, Ella and Mia’s grandma and grandpa live on a farm in Iowa where they watch a silly colt named Rowdy grow up. But they discover one night he is not so silly but a brave horse who can save them.

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Have you ever met somebody who brags? Meet prehistoric Alligator and his best friend, the bragging Frog. As Frog’s bragging grows, see if Alligator can find a reason to smile again.

book 3

Chloe the Cow gets fed up with eating grass and decides to find tastier things to nibble on. She learns that other animals eat strange things–-including some that taste disgusting–-before realizing that her favorite food was right in front of her all the time.

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New Releases from Guardian Angel Publishing

GAP Book 1

Noah and Isabela take a journey in Great Grandmother’s kitchen to discover the Easter story by coloring eggs Grandmother’s “old-timey-way.” Color meanings help them learn more about who Jesus is and who they are.

Gap book 4

Lily returns to the darkness of Htrae to take the King’s message from the City of Light. Even though she doesn’t think she can fulfill this mission, with the help of Ruah she embarks on the difficult task of inviting others to the great forgotten city.

gap book 5

Book Two—Join Professor Hoot as he explores more ancient arts and artifacts. The art, tools, and text represent various cultures and development from ancient eras–including fossils, too.

Gap book 6

Follow Lana as she tries to capture the sunlight as it journeys to the 4 corners of the earth. The story centered yoga routine is simple for children to remember and fun for children to reenact.

gap book 7

All dragons can fly, so why couldn’t Duncan? No matter whom he asked or what he tried, nothing seemed to work. In the end he learns to spread his wings and soar, saving the day with help from a few of his feathered friends.

gap book 8

After the sun goes down, the valley lights up as fireflies blink and glow. Other creatures come to life as well, including skunks, toads, coyotes, racoons, owls, bats, opossums, flying squirrels, foxes, and more. Hunting, calling, hopping, flying –the dark woods are full of activity.

gap book 9

Drake, a tiny dragon, wants to breathe out a fire bigger than any of the other dragons. But in doing so, he finds that he must rely on anger. With the help of his friend, Danielle, he discovers a hidden talent that does not require anger and brings him happiness.

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GAP FAMILY BLOG WELCOMES: Jennifer Prus, Author of A Toddler’s ABC of Blessings

Congratulations on the release of A Toddler’s ABC of Blessings.  Please tell us more about it.
About the book:  A Toddler’s ABC of Blessings is truly a snuggle book, allowing readers to follow along as a toddler shares his adorable blessings using the alphabet; from angels who watch over him, mud puddles to jump into before mass, to zebras that traveled on Noah’s ark. Children will love the playful rhymes and colorful illustrations.
What was the inspiration for this book?

Jennifer: When my oldest was a young child, I was looking around various book stores for a Christian themed alphabet book to share.  When I was unable to find one, I decided to write one.
What is your favorite moment from the book?

Jennifer: I truly have enjoyed every part of the book, from writing it to brainstorming the illustrations with artist Alyssa McIlhany.  Ms. McIlhany has done a beautiful job bringing the book to life with her gorgious water color paintings.
Is this your first published book?
Jennifer: No, I have also written the children’s picture book, Lonely Little Leaf.
We’d love to hear more about you.
Jennifer: I’m currently a stay-at-home mother of two wonderful children.  As one who adores snuggle time while reading with my own children, it thrills me to be an author and illustrator, knowing my work will be shared during such tender moments for others.
Do you have any book signing events or book tours scheduled for A Toddler’s ABC of Blessings?
I will be having a book signing at Falling Rock Café and Bookstore, located in beautiful Munising, Michigan on Saturday, July 14th.  Join us of a story reading and craft!
How can our readers learn more about you and any upcoming A Toddler’s ABC of Blessings events?

Readers can learn more about me and follow news events at: or on Facebook.

Thank you for stopping in to share A Toddler’s ABC of Blessingswith us. A Toddler’s ABC of Blessings is currently available at:,,, and We are proud to add it to the ever-growing line of quality titles from Guardian Angel Publishing.

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March New Releases From GAP

How would the parables of Jesus and other Bible passages be told in the animal world? Read and discover! A skunk is a role model in one tale and an alley rat becomes the hero in another tale. Audiences young and old enjoy these tales suitable for children’s sermons, Bible studies and bedtime stories.


Some children grow up with little encouragement. This book was written to plant a seed of hope and direction in the hearts of precious children everywhere.


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