May, 2008

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Rainbow Sheep

Kim Chatel, author of the newly released picture book Rainbow Sheep, is thrilled about the latest review of her work. Susan Stephenson ( wrote, “Chatel has presented the reader with a satisfying package.” Stephenson sprinkled the review with complements on the beautiful artwork, colors, and writing. To read the full review, visit Kim Chatel’s blog: Way to go Kim!

Latest Review of CRASH! by Mayra Calvani

“Five-year-old Marcelo receives a puppy on his birthday. It was golden in color and had chocolate-brown eyes. A Golden Retriever! Marcelo wanted a puppy more than anything else in the world, so he was quite happy with his new puppy. It’s a boy puppy, but Marcelo had to think up a special name for his special puppy.Marcelo took good care of his puppy and kept him clean, well fed, and well exercised. Naming a puppy was a big undertaking, and Marcelo wanted to make sure he had the best name. Mom and Dad gave many names to Marcelo to consider, but he just wasn’t happy with any of them.You’ll just have to read this adorable book to see what the puppy did and what the perfect name was that Marcelo gave to his puppy!
Author Mayra Calvani carefully chose every word in this book. It just flows perfect, and I really enjoyed the care Marcelo put into giving his puppy just the right name. I was astonished that the colorful, kid-friendly perfect illustrations by Anna Pylypchuk are the work of a sixteen-year-old girl! She is a native Ukrainian and I found her very detailed illustrations just as charming as Mayra’s text. This is a fun read for your little ones, and the author will be donating 50% of her royalties from this book to ALMOST HEAVEN GOLDEN RETRIEVER RESCUE AND SANCTUARY, a non-profit organization.”
–Gayle Jacobson-Huset, Assistant Editor, Stories for Children Magazine
For more information about the book, visit Mayra’s Secret Bookcase.

Kevin’s at it again!

Author/illustrator Kevin Scott Collier is at it again. The illustrator of Shari Lyle- Soffe’s Rooter and Snuffle picture book series, created a great site to show off everything about these cute characters. See a photo of Shari’s latest book signing. Download a free coloring page. Play a game. You’re sure to find out more about the books while having fun at the same time.

Just visit: Rooter and Snuffle

Read the Latest Reviews of CRASH! by Mayra Calvani

Hi all,

CRASH! has been garnering great reviews since its release in March.

To read the latest reviews, visit: Mayra’s Secret Bookcase.



Latest Interviews with GAP Authors

Hi all,

This month I had the pleasure of interviewing two talented GAP authors, Donna Shepherd and Mary Jean Kelso.

Read the interviews at:

Donna Shepherd

Mary Jean Kelso

Happy reading!

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