July, 2008

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I just learned today that the Blooming Tree Press anthology, THE GIRLS, with my short story, “The Emily Explosion,” will be released in mid-August! Yay!!!

If you’d like to read a blurb about the story, visit my blog:


Praise for “Doggie Day Camp”

Teachers agree: Bubba the dog helps primary grade students learn English grammar.
“Adorable story and illustrations,” said one experienced teacher, and so it is. But shy Bubba —who looks a lot like a schnoodle—also conveys information to beginning readers.
As part of author Cynthia Reeg’s Pet Grammar Parade Series, he discovers verbs and adverbs at doggie day camp, as well as new friends and activities.
Children who have recently started school and often attend day camps during the summer should have no trouble identifying with Bubba, and primary teachers will welcome a warm and funny way to begin study of grammar.

Lee Braff
Editor, HeartLand Boating, and children’s writer

And coming soon: Doggie Day Camp’s trailer produced by Kim McDougall

Interview with writer Cindy Reeg

Why do you write for children?

I love to share my love of words with children. I love to see them excited about reading and all the worlds that it opens up for them.

Where do you find your ideas?

So many people ask me that question, and I always answer them, “Everywhere!” I try to be observant of people and things all around me–especially in nature. Then when I brainstorm for ideas, I have a whole storehouse of information to choose from. And I just put the ideas together in a new way–like mixing up a new recipe.

In my latestest book, DOGGIE DAY CAMP:VERB AND ADVERB ADVENTURES, I got the idea for the day camp from the visits my own dog Holly loved to do at the kennel. The big difference between Holly and Bubba, the dog in the book, is that Holly was never worried. She is always excited to do day camp. And the name “Bubba” comes from a dog in our neighborhood. He doesn’t look anything like Bubba in the book. He’s black and white–a Boston terrier, I believe. But I just loved that name for a dog, so I borrowed it. Dogs and action words (verbs) seemed to go together perfectly. Dogs are almost always on the move. So that’s an example of how I mix-up a book recipe.

Do you have any suggestions for new writers?

Read, read, read the type of books that you want to write. This will provide a new writer with examples of how to create characters and plots and how to use words. A writer needs to feel the words, to put them together like a musician creating a symphony. And a new writer needs to understand that good writing requires lots of rewriting. This is really one of my favorite parts–rewriting. I love to polish and make a piece shine. When I read it and get that “ahhhh” feeling, then I know it’s really finished.

To find out more about Cynthia Reeg, please check out

Check out the Trailer for No More Gunk & OUCH! Sunburn!


I am very happy to announce that DOGGIE DAY CAMP: VERB AND ADVERB ADVENTURES is now available from Guardian Angel Publishing. The picture book and grammar skills aid is already receiving two paws up from reviewers:

Doggie Day Camp: Verb and Adverb Adventures is a delightful read. Kit Grady’s illustrations provide perfect visuals for the adventures of a pup named Bubba. However, author Cynthia Reeg has nudged the reader to another level—one of learning! This author and illustrator have teamed up to present an abstract lesson in a concrete AND entertaining format. The activities at the end are the icing on the cake. This book, along with Kitty Kerplunking:Preposition Fun (also by Reeg), would be a welcome introduction to a unit on parts of speech for any classroom teacher, tutor, or home school instructor. It would also captivate any child’s attention simply as a fun read! —Jan Norton; Special Education Teacher; Seckman Elementary; Arnold, MO

In Doggie Day Camp: Verb and Adverb Adventures, author Cynthia Reeg entertains children with the story of Bubba the dog and successfully introduces verbs and adverbs to young readers. Children will connect with the delightful, yet, easy to read story of a shy dog left at day camp for the very first time. As readers follow Bubba through “tugging games” and “tasty treats,” Reeg identifies verbs and adverbs in red and blue print. She follows this k-9 tale with a useful study guide and activities using verbs and adverbs. Doggie Day Camp: Verb and Adverb Adventures is not only an entertaining story, but also an excellent resource to introduce grammar concepts to young readers and reinforce the use of verbs and adverbs to older readers. I’m looking forward to more books in Cynthia Reeg’s grammar series.– Kelly Secrease; 6th Grade Language Arts; Nettleton Intermediate Center; Jonesboro, Ar.

KITTY KERPLUNKING: PREPOSITION FUN was the first book in the Pet Grammar Parade series. Look for more parts of speech books coming soon from Guardian Angel Publishing: HAMSTER HOLIDAYS: NOUN AND ADJECTIVE ADVENTURES and BUNNY BUSINESS: CONJUNCTION AND ARTICLE ADVENTURES

The Inspiration of a Family

The GAP authors, illustrators and editors are more than co-workers. They’re like a family looking out for each other. Everyday my inbox is loaded with emails of members congratulating each other, supporting each other, bouncing ideas off each other. The best, though is when they team up together for the overall success of Guardian Angel Publishing.

Kevin Scott Collier had landed a super advertising opportunity for GAP. This is just one example of the way the GAP family comes together and supports each other. I’m honored to be a fellow author. If I’m ever in need of a little inspiration, I know where to look – GAP.

Great job Kevin and GAP. The teamwork exemplified through all of you is inspiring.

There have been four new releases in the GAP Family. I’d tell you all about it, but fellow GAP member Margot Finke did an excellent job already at her blog. Check it out: “My Blog Book Trailer and Writing News

Check out our slide show soon as we will be adding the new book covers!

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