May, 2010

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Shari Lyle-Soffe – Children’s Books and More: Review – Sully’s Topsy Tale

Shari Lyle-Soffe – Children’s Books and More: Review – Sully’s Topsy Tale

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April New Releases from GAP

In this 4th book of the Andy and the Albino Horse Series, Andy and Spirit meet the rodeo queen while at the Nevada State Fair. The queen teaches Andy how to handle a lasso and he sees competitions between the Pee Wee Rodeo contestants.

A portion of the proceeds from this book are donated to Healing Reins of Bend, OR, a non-profit organization, and Horseplay of Fernley, NV.


Everyday Kantor Pegasus practices solving riddles. A tricky leprechaun attempts to outsmart him by giving him a next to impossible riddle to solve. To end his clumsy ways he must solve it. Children learn the benefit of practice and to focus on their strengths..


“You want us to do what?!” This fun, rhyming picture book teaches more than just a new way to drink water. The High Council of Hilltop wants the people to learn a new way to drink. But when the people find out why, everyone has something new to learn.


Kimberly drinks three cups of the magic tea and is disappointed when she sees no change when looking into a mirror. She falls into a large trunk and out the bottom. Surprised, she lands on lush green grass next to a loch in Scotland–Loch Ness–where she meets the “Monster”.


March New Releases From GAP

How would the parables of Jesus and other Bible passages be told in the animal world? Read and discover! A skunk is a role model in one tale and an alley rat becomes the hero in another tale. Audiences young and old enjoy these tales suitable for children’s sermons, Bible studies and bedtime stories.


Some children grow up with little encouragement. This book was written to plant a seed of hope and direction in the hearts of precious children everywhere.


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May 10 – 16 is Children’s Book Week

This week is Children’s Book Week, an annual event celebrated nationally since 1919 in “schools, libraries, bookstores, clubs, private homes — any place where there are children and books.”

We mentioned Children’s Book Week earlier this month on our blog. There are ideas for how kids and teens can celebrate Children’s Book Week at the official Children’s Book Week website. The third annual Children’s Choice Book Awards will be held Tuesday, May 11, at Guastavino’s in New York City.

How will you, your school or library celebrate Children’s Book Week?

May 2010 Issue of Guardian Angel Kids Now Available!

The May 2010 Issue of Guardian Angel Kids is now available at our website. With special stories, poems, games, activities and more, you’ll find something to enjoy as we celebrate Friends & Neighbors.

Heart of Gold by Bill Kirk

“Heart of Gold” By Bill Kirk

“Dad, I need to do some shopping,
Now, before it gets too late.
Time’s a wastin’; let’s get hopping!
Hurry, Dad! I just can’t wait!”

Clipped the picture of the locket,
From the paper yesterday.
Better keep it in my pocket
For our shopping trip today.

Where’s that ten from Uncle Freddy,
I’ve been saving since last June?
“Got my money. Are you ready?
Let’s go, Dad! It’s almost noon!”

At the store, I knew I’d find it,
Next to lotions, soaps and stuff.
Those things smell, but I don’t mind it.
“Will ten dollars be enough?”

“Just enough,” the store clerk told us,
“For the gift you want to buy.”
In the bag, with what she sold us,
She put ribbons I could tie.

Back at home, I wrapped it neatly,
Taping every corner fold.
Inside, filled with love so sweetly,
Mom will find my heart of gold.

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Celebrate Children’s Book Week May 10 – 16, 2010

Children’s Book Week starts May 10th. This annual celebration of children’s books, reading, and storytelling has been honored nationwide since 1919.

In 1913, Franklin K. Matthiews, the librarian of the Boy Scouts of America, began touring the country to promote higher standards in children’s books. It was Matthiews who suggested Children’s Book Week, which would be supported by publishers, booksellers, and librarians. With the help of powerful allies, in 1916 the American Booksellers Association and the American Library Association worked with the Boy Scouts in sponsoring a Good Book Week.

The Children’s Book Council was formed in 1944 and assumed responsbility for Children’s Book Week, which was moved from November to May in 2008. That year, they also created the Children’s Choice Book Awards.

To learn more about Children’s Book Week and to view some of the events taking place locally and nationwide, please visit the Children’s Book Week website.

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