June, 2012

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June 2012 New Releases from Guardian Angel Publishing

I AM ME by Jennifer B Leese, art by C Iannaccone-Littlest Angels Nica Jolee has her daddy’s freckles and her mommy’s button nose. This heartwarming children’s picture book teaches your child that even though they may look or act like members of their family; they are still themselves … special and unique, and there is no one else in the whole wide world just like them.

LILLY LOLLER’S ALWAYS LATE by Janean Nusz, art by Melina Benini- Chapbooks for Tweens An alliterative story- Poor Lilly, she’s always late! Late, late, late! Find out what life is like for Lilly as she lolls, lags, and lingers. Discover how you can be less like Lilly and laugh a little, too, with this tongue twisting story.


ANGEL DONOR by Jennifer Gladen art by Samantha Bell- Health & Hygiene Olivia never asked to have a disease like Biliary Atresia. It made her liver sick and only a transplant will make her better. After waiting several months and close to losing hope, she gets the call she’s been waiting for. The journey of her life is about to begin.

ABC’s of Health & SAFETY Melissa Abramovitz, art by Alex Morris -Health & Hygiene From active aerobics to heart-healthy habits to zoo zone zeal, this delightfully rhyming ABC book introduces kids to health and safety basics in a fun way. They’ll learn about everything from keeping the grubbies away to kitchen safety to the importance of a healthy weight through familiar (and some new!) alphabet-linked words.

WHISTLING DIXIE Dixie Phillips, art by Laureen Caponigro -Littlest Angels Dixie lacks confidence, but she steals the show when her grandmother comes to her rescue and helps her discover a creative way to tackle stage fright. Dixie’s example provides the stepping-stones timid children need to gain self-confidence and is sure to help little ones overcome foolish fears.

THE PLUMBER AND THE WISHING WELL hardcover and softcover Author Liam Maher, artist Gin May- Chapbooks for Tweens The plumber has lost his job and worries he won’t be able to buy gifts for his children. Find humour and magic mixed in with surprises. The illustrations by Gin May are magnificent and gives one a sense of Christmas warmth and cheer.

THE FIRST AMERICANS by Kelly Bakshi -Academic Wings Would you use a buffalo bladder as a canteen or wear a coat made out of seal skin? Native Americans cleverly used everything in their environment in order to survive. They created games, recipes, tools, and homes based on their surroundings. A word search review game is included.

ONE LARGE PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH TO GO by Linda Derkez, art by David Fielding- Littlest Angels Scotty is in the habit of walking around with his food, leaving crumbs all over, rather than sitting at the table to eat. Mom is in the habit of letting him. One day Mom decides to use her imagination to fix this growing problem.

Find these books and more at the Guardian Angel Publishing website.

GAP FAMILY BLOG WELCOMES: Jennifer Prus, Author of A Toddler’s ABC of Blessings

Congratulations on the release of A Toddler’s ABC of Blessings.  Please tell us more about it.
About the book:  A Toddler’s ABC of Blessings is truly a snuggle book, allowing readers to follow along as a toddler shares his adorable blessings using the alphabet; from angels who watch over him, mud puddles to jump into before mass, to zebras that traveled on Noah’s ark. Children will love the playful rhymes and colorful illustrations.
What was the inspiration for this book?

Jennifer: When my oldest was a young child, I was looking around various book stores for a Christian themed alphabet book to share.  When I was unable to find one, I decided to write one.
What is your favorite moment from the book?

Jennifer: I truly have enjoyed every part of the book, from writing it to brainstorming the illustrations with artist Alyssa McIlhany.  Ms. McIlhany has done a beautiful job bringing the book to life with her gorgious water color paintings.
Is this your first published book?
Jennifer: No, I have also written the children’s picture book, Lonely Little Leaf.
We’d love to hear more about you.
Jennifer: I’m currently a stay-at-home mother of two wonderful children.  As one who adores snuggle time while reading with my own children, it thrills me to be an author and illustrator, knowing my work will be shared during such tender moments for others.
Do you have any book signing events or book tours scheduled for A Toddler’s ABC of Blessings?
I will be having a book signing at Falling Rock Café and Bookstore, located in beautiful Munising, Michigan on Saturday, July 14th.  Join us of a story reading and craft!
How can our readers learn more about you and any upcoming A Toddler’s ABC of Blessings events?

Readers can learn more about me and follow news events at: www.jenniferprus.com or on Facebook.

Thank you for stopping in to share A Toddler’s ABC of Blessingswith us. A Toddler’s ABC of Blessings is currently available at: guardianangelpublishing.com, amazon.com, bn.com, and jenniferprus.com. We are proud to add it to the ever-growing line of quality titles from Guardian Angel Publishing.


Congratulations on the release of Romeo’s Rescue. Please tell us more about it.

About the book:
This is a story about a cat, who after a lot of trials and tribulations, finds a forever home.
What was the inspiration for this book?

Jennifer: We have a feral cat problem in the rural areas that we live. A neighbor, along with myself, made it our mission to stop the population of cats and to take care of those cats that decided to make our property their home. We’ve spaded and neutered and vaccinated many cats, found homes for kittens, and provide food and shelter.
What is your favorite moment from the book?

Jennifer: Of course when Romeo finds the two children and they take him in.
Is this your first published book?

Jennifer: No
We’d love to hear more about you.

Jennifer: I’ve been writing and publishing for nearly twenty years. Romeo’s Rescue is my 28th book published for children, and my third with Guardian Angel. I had my own online magazine called Wee Ones for about eight years, taught at the Institute of Children’s Literature (eight years), and wrote for many children’s magazines including Highlights, Boys’ Life, and Hopscotch. Currently I teach part time at a Christian high school and am a full time graduate student at Vermont College of Fine Arts. My degree will be in Writing for Children and Young Adults.
Wee Ones was a great magazine. I know a lot of people who miss it still.

How can our readers learn more about you and any upcoming Romeo’s Rescue events?
Jennifer: Reader’s can visit the Guardian Angel website until my own website www.jennifer-reed.comis updated. Or, they can find me on Facebook under Jennifer Reed, author.

Thank you for stopping in to share Romeo’s Rescuewith us. Readers, you can purchase your copy here. We are proud to add it to the ever-growing line of quality titles from Guardian Angel Publishing.


Congratulations on the release of CHIP’S SHARING DAY. Please tell us more about it. What was the inspiration for this book?
Cousin Dorcas is visiting today and Chip’s mother tells him he must share his toys because it’s kind and nice and fair to share. Shy Dorcas picks up one toy after the other, only to have that rascal Chip remind her that they have to share and take turns playing with his toys. Finally, Dorcas decides to be kind and nice and fair by sharing something with Chip that he might not actually want! Chip finds himself reluctantly admiring his cousin for beating him at his own game.

Linda: The inspiration for this book were real teddy bears that I gave voices and personalities to. Chip was a cute stuffed bear, but I could tell he was quite naughty. J

What is your favorite moment from the book?
Linda: When shy Cousin Dorcas earns Chip’s respect with her trick.

Is this your first published book?
Linda: My first book was another for children. The Missing Stories: Caleb’s Missing Whisper & Other Stories was published by Hard Shell Word Factory, but it’s no longer available. 
We’d love to hear more about you.
Linda: I get inspired by many things: The things my children do and shouldn’t, and don’t do and should! Animals, stuffed animals and dolls inspire me. They have so much personality sometimes, they write their own stories.
How can our readers learn more about you and any upcoming events?
Linda: Visit my website: http://www.angelfire.com/stars4/kswiesner/linda.html  
Thank you for stopping in to share CHIP’S SHARING DAY with us. Readers, you can order your own copy here. We are proud to add it to the ever-growing line of quality titles from Guardian Angel Publishing.

Thank you! J

June 2012 Issue of Guardian Angel Kids Magazine Now Available!


CONTACT: Donna McDine, Editor-in-Chief, Guardian Angel Kids Ezine

Email: submissions@guardian-angel-kids.com

Website: http://guardian-angel-kids.com

For Immediate Release

Children’s Ezine Guardian Angel Kids: Growing Up – June 2012 Issue

The Guardian Angel Kids creative crew is pleased to announce the new Ezine format. The inviting visual will take the reader on a turn page style adventure with the click of the mouse accompanied with the sound of turning a page in your hand. Without further ado, we present the Guardian Angel Kids Growing Up June 2012 issue…

The carefree days of childhood invokes memories of lazy days of summer vacation filled with days of swimming at the town pool. It was the central social point of the neighborhood and the excitement of the day would then flow onto our cul-de-sac (after the children of the neighborhood ate their respective suppers) where there was always a stick ball game going on until the single street light flickered on. Quickly we would change gears and switch to playing flashlight tag. My mother, always an avid reader, made sure her children read each and every day and to this day we all have instilled the same love of reading with our own children. Without lapsing in our reading skills throughout the summer we were always well prepared with our studies. The days appeared endless and before you knew it, it was time for back to school shopping.

The love of reading has led me to the path of writing for children and Editor-in-Chief of Guardian Angel Publishing, for which I’m joyful for and proud to present the Guardian Angel Kids June 2012 issue of Growing Up www.guardian-angel-kids.com.

We hope you enjoy our issue of Growing Up as much the Guardian Angel Kid staff did reminiscing about our childhoods and selecting the wonderful poetry, stories, articles, and activities.

Letter from the EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Donna M. McDine

Featured BookS:

Growing Up Dreams by Susan Berger and illustrated by Samantha Bell

The Odd Chick by Mary Esparza-Vela and illustrated by Kevin Collier

Children’S poetry, ACTIVITIES, SHORT STORIES, and articleS:

“I’m Growing Up,” poetry by Guy Belleranti – how quickly the time passes by.

“Is It Friday Yet?” poetry by Alicia Z. Klepeis – The excitement of the approaching end of the week.

“Activities to Make Reading Fun,” by Kathy Stemke – having fun with language is the key to unlocking the world of reading to your child.

“Too Much Trouble,” by Juliana M. Jones and illustrated by Nancy Miller – the growing responsibility of getting older.

“Maid for Make Believe,” by Caroline Yu and illustrated by Clara Batton Smith – the magic of pretend brings to friends closer together.

“Read Aloud Tips for Preschoolers: Put Some Pizzazz in Reading Aloud,” by Dorit Sasson – how to connect to the story by acting it out.

“Encouraging Your Reader,” by Vanessa Fortenberry – tips on how to encourage and instill the love of reading.

Visit Guardian Angel Kid today and www.guardian-angel-kids.com and enjoy a child safe and ad free Ezine.

We also invite you to stay connected with Guardian Angel Kids through our Facebook Fan Page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Guardian-Angel-Kids-Ezine/163785080346247.

Please feel free to drop Editor-in-Chief, Donna McDine an email at  submissions@guardian-angel-kids.com and let them know what you think of Guardian Angel Kids and what you’d like to see in the future. They aim to please.

The Guardian Angel Kids Ezine staff and contributors look forward to your visit. Thank you for your time and interest.
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